Access to safe housing, and the ability to maintain it, are major barriers to the independence and long-term safety of domestic violence survivors and their families. Traditional housing programs provide critical rent support, but don’t often cover other basic expenses like security deposits and furniture. Survivors often flee with what they can carry and financial abuse leaves many with few, if any, funds to pay a security deposit or other moving expenses. The Fresh Start Fund is a dedicated source of financial support for survivors so that they may access housing and sustain homes – removing financial barriers that may keep them from making a fresh start for themselves and their families.

The Fresh Start Fund makes the transition to sustainable housing possible for survivors by filling a key gap in traditional housing programs and enabling survivors to:

Secure a place to live. Coming up with a month’s worth of rent for a security deposit or resources to get utilities set up or paying for a moving truck is not possible for most survivors, and yet these things are essential to securing housing and meeting families’ basic needs.

Furnish their new spaces. Families fleeing domestic violence often leave with only what they are able to carry with them, which means many of those who transition to transitional/permanent housing are moving into unfurnished homes and are sometimes literally sleeping on the floor.

Manage unexpected financial challenges. Many survivors and their families live paycheck to paycheck, one emergency or unusually large or unexpected utility bill can lead to devastating financial problems and even the loss of a home.

The Fresh Start Fund provides stability and financial security for survivors at every stage of the transitional-to-permanent housing process, so they can meet their initial moving expenses and start off strong, create homes that are comfortable and meet their families’ needs, and weather the unexpected without fear of losing it all. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to support survivors and their families, donate to My Sister’s Place’s new Fresh Start Fund today.