Ways to Give

A gift from you will help keep our critically needed programs available, providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, and supportive services to survivors of domestic violence and their children. Please, give today to help end violence and empower lives.

Please note: MSP emails electronic gift acknowledgement letters for your records. If you wish to receive a hard copy of the acknowledgement letter for your donation, please contact us at development@mysistersplacedc.org or call 202-935-3734.

Mail a Check

Please make your check out to “My Sister’s Place” and post to:

My Sister’s Place

PO Box 21463

Washington, DC 20009

Donate Stock

My Sister’s Place accepts stock donations. Please contact our team at development@mysistersplacedc.org for more information or call 202-935-3734.

Workplace Giving

Employer match – Check with your employer to see what matching gift options they offer, to double your gift’s impact. Many employers provide matching gifts at a 1:1 ratio for donations or even volunteer time.

United Way #8449 – Use our partner code #8449 to donate.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #97535 – Go to the CFC link and use our partner code #97535 to donate.

DC One Fund #8449 – Go to the DC One Fund and use code #8449 to donate.

In Kind Giving

We currently only accept in-kind gifts through our Amazon Wishlist, which is regularly updated with the requests and needs of the families we serve. Items purchased from our Wish List will be shipped directly to My Sister’s Place, for use by residents of our shelters and those in our transitional housing programs. We encourage you to share our Amazon Wishlist with your social network, and invite others to join you in supporting survivors of domestic violence.

To receive a donation receipt for your tax records, please email development@mysistersplacedc.org and include your receipt.

If you are a business or group that wishes to provide new, high quality in-kind gifts, please email development@mysistersplacedc.org or call 202-935-3734.

Please note: for the safety of our clients, we do not accept any donation drop-offs at our locations. Thank you for respecting the privacy, safety, and wishes of our clients.

Fundraise for MSP

1. Create a Facebook fundraising page in honor of your birthday, or a GoFundMe for MSP for your network.

2. Host an event for MSP! Review our Policies and Procedures for Fundraising Events to make sure your event is a good fit for MSP, and then fill out our online Event Application Form so we can approve your event and assist your efforts. Please submit event requests at least 4 weeks in advance to allow time for us to review.

Policies and Procedures for Fundraising Events for My Sister’s Place, Inc. 

THANK YOU for your interest in conducting a fundraising activity/ event to benefit My Sister’s Place, Inc. (“MSP”). You and numerous community supporters know first-hand how important private support continues to be to MSP. All of the efforts you put forth are greatly appreciated. 

Please read and agree to these guidelines before planning your activity/event by signing the signature page below.  

Our policies and procedures are designed to guide you in planning fundraising activities and events to benefit MSP. State and Federal law regulate all fundraising activities, and we follow all applicable laws and best practices guidelines for charitable giving and acknowledgments. Any individual or organization who wishes to conduct a fundraising activity/event or promotion involving the use of the name “My Sister’s Place DC” or “MSP” or “My Sister's Place, Inc” or for other fundraising activities and/or publicity purposes, must receive advance written approval from My Sister's Place, Inc. Please allow at least four weeks for the review process to take place. 

  1. Activities and events should complement the mission and image of My Sister's Place, Inc. Organizations that conflict with MSP’s mission or values may not be sponsors. The final judgment allowing an organization and/or a person to host an activity/event benefiting MSP shall be the sole and final decision of MSP. 
  2. Applications must be submitted in writing no later than 4 weeks prior to the proposed activity/event date. Applications shall be submitted by e-mailing the written application to development@mysistersplacedc.org. Applicants must reapply annually for approval. 
  3. You, as the activity/event organizer, must obtain all necessary permits, licenses and/or insurance. 
  4. It is the event coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that the event is properly advertised.  The event producer should not rely on MSP for publicity or advertisement. 
  6. Be prepared to estimate expenses and revenues for your activity/event, as well as the size of the contribution you intend to donate to MSP. MSP reserves the right to require a minimum guaranteed donation on a case-by-case basis. The Council of Better Business Bureau states that, “reasonable use of funds requires that at least 50% of total income from all sources be spent on programs and activities directly related to the organization’s purposes.” MSP will not approve an activity/event in which fundraising costs exceed 50% of total income. MSP strives to maintain overall fundraising costs at 15% of the total income and strongly urges activity/event organizers to meet this standard. 
  7. MSP must approve, in advance, the content of all invitations, advertisements, press releases, posters or other promotional materials related to your project. Public announcements or promoting the activity/event IS PROHIBITED until written approval has been sent to activity/event organizer. 
  8. MSP may only be identified as the beneficiary of the activity/event. For example, activity/event organizers should not call an activity/event “My Sister’s Place, Inc. Walk-a-Thon.” Your activity/event should be promoted as the “Walk-a-thon to benefit My Sister’s Place, Inc.” 
  9. The public should be informed regarding any net amounts that will be donated to MSP.  If MSP will not receive all of the proceeds from the activity/event, then the exact percentage of the proceeds that benefit MSP must be stated clearly on all invitation copy, advertising, and promotional materials. 
  10. If another organization will benefit from the activity/event, MSP must be notified when you apply to host an activity/event. 
  11. You are responsible for ensuring that activities/events comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fund raising, gift reporting and special events. If your organization is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions, the IRS requires that all tickets, invitations, or entry forms state the fair market value, or which portion of the contribution is tax-deductible. For activities/events that MSP assists with planning and where contributions may be sent directly to MSP, you must inform us in advance of the value of any good or services, if any, that the donor will receive in exchange for the contribution. 
  12. You, as an activity/event planner, may not keep any portion of the proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the activity/event. If activity/event expenses are greater than the money raised, you are responsible for paying those expenses. 
  13. Proceeds must be received by MSP within business 30 days of the fundraising activity/event or campaign. 
  14. MSP must be notified if there are any significant changes planned for the activity/event. If circumstances warrant (i.e. fraud, negative exposure, etc.) MSP may, at any time, through members of its governing board or senior administrators, direct you to cancel the activity/event. You must agree to cancel the activity/event, if so directed, and you hereby agree to release MSP and its board members, officers and employees from any and all liability in connection to any such action. 

What We Can Do to Help You 

  1. Offer advice and expertise on activity/event planning 
  2. Provide a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity of the activity/event and its organizers 
  3. Promote the activity/event on the My Sister’s Place, Inc website 
  4. Promote the event on MSP’s social media accounts/e-newsletter audience 
  5. Provide digital marketing support 
  6. Assist with the development of your mailing list based on specific criteria 
  7. Provide a written tax receipt to donors who make their checks payable to My Sister’s Place, Inc. 

What We Cannot Do to Help You 

  1. Provide a representative to attend your activity/event (exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis, with prior approval of MSP’s senior administrators) 
  2. Provide on-site staff support at your activity/event 
  3. Provide volunteer support for your activity/event 
  4. Provide access to our confidential office or shelter locations 
  5. Extend our tax exemption or charitable solicitation license to you 
  6. Provide insurance coverage 
  7. Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses 
  8. Solicit sponsorship revenue for your fundraising activities 
  9. Provide celebrities or professional athletes for your activity/event 
  10. Provide My Sister's Place, Inc letterhead 
  11. Submit press releases to media outlets (exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis) 
  12. Obtain permits or licenses 
  13. Provide printed marketing collateral 

Please understand that the volume of requests we receive exceeds the number of staff available to attend activities/events. Please contact My Sister’s Place, Inc. at development@mysistersplacedc.org a minimum of four weeks prior to your activity/event or check presentation to discuss MSP representation. 

Click here to view, download, and sign this form.

Please note: All fundraisers MUST be reviewed by My Sister’s Place before going live. Use of the My Sister’s Place name and logo/branding for fundraising may only be done with written permission from My Sister’s Place.

If you have any questions, please contact development@mysistersplacedc.org at least 4 weeks prior to your planned event.

Thank You

MSP deeply values all contributions to sustain our work. Your trust is important to us. We hold the highest rankings for transparency and fiscal stewardship on Charity Navigator and Guidestar, and are a featured non-profit through the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

The privacy of our donors and their relationship with MSP is likewise important to us – view our Donor Privacy Policy to learn more.

My Sister’s Place (Tax ID #52-1263256) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to My Sister’s Place are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

What our donors say….

“For too long, the issue of violence in the home has gone unknown and unnoticed and has caused considerable psychiatric pain to the women who are affected. My Sister's Place sensitizes citizens to this problem, and I am happy to lend my support.”

- Rob

“As a young girl I saw my aunts flee domestic violence and come to my house. The issue is close to my heart and I will always support My Sister's Place.”

- Cherry

“I give because I think that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.”

- Martha

“I give because I was a child affected by domestic violence.”

- Daryl

“I couldn't help my friend, but I can help others. That's why I support My Sister's Place.”

- Thais

“Although I was hit by the financial crisis, like so many of us, I know MSP's clients still have less than I do. And when I can't afford to donate my money, I will donate my time.”

- Beth

“I give because I'm the one that got away. My Sister's Place saved my life.”


“All I wanted was to provide a safe environment for my children. My Sister's Place helped us with shelter during the cold days of January.”

- Tina

“I had a happy marriage; then it became abusive. I am now on my own- safe and happy for 7 years. I want to help others do this.”

– Stephanie

“One mean parent and one powerless one can do awful things to a child. Working with the counselors here and sharing with the other women has helped me to take my own power back.”

– Dominique